Technical FAQs

Have technical issues, or need help troubleshooting? Get answers from our Technical FAQs section or simply get in touch with our technical customer service.

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Public Safety Standards

There is a right type of safety wear for each job. Find the right high visibility safety garment style that suits your needs and meets job requirements.

>> Learn more about high visibility standard ANSI 107-2015


Cable Tie Tensile Strength

Cable tie tensile strength is one of the most important spec to know before buying, especially if you will secure the tie with a heavy load.

>> Find out why it is important


Hearing Protection

High performance earmuff offers excellent noise reduction. Find out more on Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and why you need it.

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Our tools will be there, project after project and season after season, to help you do the things you love. It's our number one goal and responsibility to ensure they never let you down. The unmatched quality and durability of TR Industrial products has earned the trust of professional users nationwide.


From the lab to the field, our tools undergo validation processes and rigorous testing that includes prototype field testing, product endurance testing. We ensure our tools meet high standards of quality and performance so they perform optimally over many years of service.