TR Industrial announces IS-500 series Demolition Hammers with anti-vibration design

TR Industrial announces the IS-500 Series Demolition Hammers, powerful with anti-vibration deisgn, to add to our fast selling line of demolition hammers.

For customers who wants to get more power with less fatigue to their hands on job, the IS-500 series is the perfect choice. Weighting only 40 pounds (tool only), it pumps out 50 Joules (36 ft-lbs) of impact energy. The anti-vibration design reduces fatigue and makes this powerful demolition hammer easy to use.

The IS-500 Series use TR-HEX type chisels and are also compatible with chisels from other major brands.

IS-500 Series will be available in Spring 2018. The IS-500 Series come with a point chisel and a flat chisel, and a sturdy case with wheels. It will come standard with a two-year limited warranty. $699.99 MSRP.

TR Industrial introduces new chisels for TR-100 and TR-300 Series Demolition Hammers

The TR-100 and TR-300 Series Demolition Hammers are our most popular model for contractors. In addition to our point, flat, and spade chisels, we are introducing four new chisels to help our customers get the job done.

Made with high quality forged steel, TR Industrial introduces TR19103 Scaping Chisel, TR89107 Ground Rod Driver, TR89108 Asphalt Cutter Chisel, and TR-TSTP Tamper Shank with Plate.

TR-100 and TR-300 Series use TR-ONE type chisels. Here is a list of TR-ONE chisels available today:

  • TR89101 - Point and Flat Chisels Set
  • TR89102 - Clay Spade and Shovel Chisel
  • TR89103 - 3” Scraping Chisel
  • TR89107 - Ground Rod Driver
  • TR89108 - Asphalt Cutter Chisel
  • TR-TSTP - Tamper Shank with 6x6” Square Plate Set